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Remembering Two Young Black Males, Recent Victims of Gun Violence
Botham Jean of Dallas, Texas
Please pray for his family, and Dallas West Church of Christ

Carvell Goodlow of Detroit, Michigan
Please pray for his family and Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama

Save Our Black Boys Radio - Listen to a Past Program
Guest: Curtis Linton - VP, School Improvement Network Topic: "How to Talk to White Teachers About Our Black Boys"
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December 6,  2018
Topic: "Entrepreneurship - How to Teach Children to Start a Business"
                              Guests:  Alonzo Bethea, Entrepreneur, Silver Spring, Maryland

Upcoming Programs
Topic: "Interrupting the School to Prison Pipeline - Alternative Strategies"
Guest:  Gayle Springer, MSW Candidate, University of Southern California

Topic:  "Lessons from Black History" - Pt 1 & 2
Guest:  Norman K. Miles, Ph.D., Former Adjunct Professor, Religion and African American Experience, 
             University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Topic: "Black History - "Slave Trade in Pre-Colonial Africa"
Guest:  Phyllis J. Brown, Author, "Gold-Banded Box" and Traveler to 34 Countries, including 14 African Nations

Topic:  "Prayers by Black Men Regarding the Police Violence - Pt 2
Guests:  Elroy Byam 

Topic:  "World-Class Pianist & Keyboardist Shares His Path to Success and the Benefits of Music"
Guests:  Jemuel & Donna-Marie Anderson

Topic:  "Father Speaks to Son - Proverbs for Young Black Males" - Pt 1 & 2
Guest:   Norman K. Miles, Ph.D., Pastor, Church Administrator & University Professor

Topic:  "Community Empowerment - Urban Agriculture"
Guest:   Injendu Obasi, City Planner

Topic:  "How to Increase Student Success"
Guest:  Stephanie Baker, Deputy Superintendent, Pomona Unified School District, California

Topic: "Healthy Campus HBCU and Farm Fresh Marketplace - Oakwood University"
Guests:  Dr. Leslie Pollard, President, Dr. Prudence Pollard, V.P., Laura Hall, State Representative, Artis Sidney, Farm Developer/Manager

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Nation-wide, our African-American males have not experienced the kind of academic success that is resident in their potential - in their genes.
Graduation rates, test scores and college entrance rates could be higher. 
Drop-out rates and suspension and expulsion rates amongst our boys should be lower.
We can do better.  Our company is dedicated to improving the academic performance of all students, but especially the lowest-performing students - our Black boys.
The solution is at least three-pronged:  Home - School - Community.  And so we have developed and implemented a variey of programs and services for each group. Many schools and parents across the nation have already taken advantage of the Save Our Black Boy services.
Our mission is to foster a love of learning in each student. ....To assist educators to skillfully weave culturally relevent information and strategies into everyday academics......and to give parents the inspiration and tools to offer academic support at home.
All of our programs are afrocentric, educational and enriching! Educators and parents in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia have already used our programs. 
Students learn to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others.
Teachers learn how to celebrate diversity and strive to instill  confidence in each child by awakening the "genius in their genes" Workshops teach research-based strategies designed to meet the needs of African-American youth and to give each child support and encouragement to become his or her  unique self.
Through instruction that is mindful of their African heritage, Save Our Black Boys students tackle academic curriculum in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and adaptable to a variety of learning styles and fun.
We're prepared to meet the professional development needs of those who serve our African-American youth.
If you are a  school superintendent, principal, parent or community-based leader, there is a program designed for your needs. Click "About Us".


To learn more, please click "About Us"


Since producing the Alton Sterling radio program (click link below to listen), another Black man was slain in Minnesota as well as five police officers in Dallas.  We join our nation in denouncing all violence and offering prayers and condolences to the families of all victims -
 both civilian and police.  

July 7, 2016
Topic:  Alton Sterling
Another Senseless Murder by Police
Click Below to Listen
sobbsterlingfinal.mp3 (MP3 — 28 MB)

July 14, 2016
Topic: "Prayers by Black Men - Stop the Violence, Heal the Nation"
Guests: Clarence Brown, Babawale Adepoju, Keith Green, Pastor Darius Holden,  Marvin D. Shelton
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Topic: "Felon Voting Rights"
Listen Anytime, Click Below

Topic: " Helping Black Youth Succeed in Chemistry"
Guest:  Dr. Jesse Jones, Professor, Organic Chemistry, Baylor University, Waco, Texas
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SOBB Dr Jones Final.mp3 (MP3 — 28 MB)

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