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A Few Past Radio Guests:

1.  Stedman Graham, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author
2.  DeVon Franklin, Movie Producer, SONY
3.  Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of US President
4.  Emory Tolbert, History Professor, Howard Univ.
5.  Maya Byfield, Director, STEM, Seminole College, Florida
6.  Stephanie Baker, Deputy Superintendent of Schools,, California
7.  Charles Bradford, Church Administrator
8.  Sabrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin
9.  Gabriel Carter, Summer Intern for Congressman  John Lewis
10. Dwight Rice, Physician, Health Unlimited
11. Tobricy Gardner, Dept of Defense

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Guests:  Men of Distinction

Guests:  Men of Distinction

Past Topics Include:

1.  "Preparing for Careers of the Future - STEM"
2.  "College-Readiness Programs"
3.  "Live from Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, AL"
4.  "The Black Cowboy"
4.  "Live -50th Anniversary of March on Washington"
5.  "Congressional Black Caucus Summer Internship"
6.  "Charleston Massacre & Racism in Churches"
7.  "Brain Foods"
8.  "High School Principal Speaks -Questions to Ask"
9.  "How Television Impacts Your Child" 
10. "Felon Voting Rights"

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